Products and Services

DPS provides closed-loop transaction services in the commercial card market, and now with version 2.0, anyone can use our software. This release is initially targeted to commercial fleet card issuers and networks.

What can I do using DPS software?

You can create a "company" that can issue your own card.
You can create a "company" that networks issuers together.
You can be an end-user and purchase items using the DPS issuers.

Card Issuing

Using the DPS software, existing card issuers can use the DPS authorization network to authorize, capture, price, tax and invoice their customers.


Using the DPS software, existing networks can use the DPS authorization network for the companies within their network, using the supplied network settlement files for reconciliation. Now with version 2.0 beta, networks can join other networks with the DPS authorization host performing real-time least-cost routing.

End User

Use the DPS software to find a card issuer and request a card! You can then use their networks to purchase items.

Free Accounts

DPS accounts not associated with a paid service are restricted by*:

  • Can create up to 3 companies
  • Can create up to 25 cards and accounts
  • Can create up to 3 stores
  • Can run up to 50 transactions/month

*these may change in the future and other restrictions apply

In addition, user accounts may be "captive" or "free". "Captive" accounts can not create anything and are tied to a single company.


DPS has created some new technology for this release!

Our Infinite Bunny Layers make managing the cards easier by providing fast pop up windows.

Our Bunny Talk protocol allows "unclouding" of sensitive customer information. Companies can use the DPS networks and still keep their proprietary customer data (names, addresses, pins) in the location of their choice.

Our Bunny Modules provides us a way to easily offer new features to existing users.

In addition, using Bunny Smart phone technology, we are no longer dependent on the "dinosaurs" of the transaction world, those equipment providers! DPS has moved the complexity of the authorization process to the smart phone. So now when you authorize a transaction using DPS, the prompts for authorization (including PIN) can be sent to any supported smart phone. For instance, fleet managers can authorize the transactions from their office for all their drivers. And for non-point of sale customer applications, use the smart phone as a "store" to create transactions, no additional equipment needed!

New Card Issuers and Networks

If you are considering issuing cards or creating a network, please get proper legal advice. This software and service is designed for experienced card issuers. This is not intended to be used as a "credit card" service. We hope to add more general instructions about setting up card issuing in the future.

Channel Partners

DPS Channel Partners can make additional income by referring customers. Contact us for more information.

Terms of Service

This is a Beta site and is not intended for mission critical use at this time and read the terms of service before using this software.


Our pricing is still $0.10 per transaction with a minimum $29/month per site. Contact us for more information. Additional fees may apply.

Using a simple comparison: a typical customer charging $1M/month in sales with 10k transactions a month with a transaction fee of 2% would pay $20,000 per month in fees, DPS fees would be only $1,000 per month (10K x $0.10), and we have some unique features in our software as well.

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