This module allows you to do Internet IO using the Labjack devices. For instance you can read and write analog and digital values and even run a stepper motor through the Internet using our realtime system.


Let's say you have a server in a cabinet at a colocation facility and you want to know any time the cabinet door is opened.

To get the client software, you'll need a free account on this server to download the source code. After you create your account:

  1. Sign on, go to "my account" and enable the "dio" bundle (in the bundles tab)

  2. Click on the "companies" tab and create a company

  3. Go to "my account" and click on your company
  4. Click on the "devices" tab and add a device

  5. Download the certificate, password and certificate password
  6. Click on the "sites" tab and add a site using that device, don't add interfaces or channels yet

  7. Download the source code in the "downloads" tab
  8. Extract the source file and follow the README.txt file to build it
  9. Edit the "dssClient.conf" file and add your information
  10. Start the dssClient program
  11. The interfaces and channels will load when the program connects, or you can create them

Adding a Magnetic Switch

In this example we'll add a magnetic switch to a Labjack T4 on channel AIN0. When the magnetic contact is broken, the system will send an alert.

Here is the T4 and the switch (from Grainger.com, item# 2EXT8):

Note: wires are connected to AIN0 and GND.

To send the alert, edit the configuration file dssClient.conf to uncomment this line:

send_data_alerts = yes

Establish your contact list by going to the "maintenance" tab and clicking on "Contact Lists". Create a list named "default" (you can change that in the code) and those contacts will be notified when a state change occurs on AIN0.