Some common questions, errors and solutions:

  1. Getting error "you have no permissions"
  2. When creating your first company, follow these steps:

    1. Click on companies in "my account" and select the company's ID
    2. Click on maintenance, Users, and then Entity Permissions
    3. Press 'Save' and then 'close'
    4. Click on Main Permissions and then 'Add' and then 'Save' and 'close'
    5. Click on Users, you should see yourself in the list, select it
    6. Under "Access", select the new permission you created and then 'Save'

    Be sure to assign the appropriate permissions to each user. If you check the permissions and are still getting an error, contact us.

  3. What is a 'Network'?
  4. Networks are groups of companies that allow transactions between them based on agreed upon rules. The network administrator creates the network company and then accepts 'join' requests from companies that wish to join. The administrator is responsible for creating the rules, setting up the margins, standard product lists, pricing, and taxing information, and the reconciliation. The reconcile process nets all amounts owed and the administrator makes sure all amounts are paid, usually through ACH or similar means.

    The network can join other networks, establishing a "pass-through margin" for other networks, and then all companies within that network get access to the new network sites. When a site belongs to multiple networks, the DPS system determines the lowest-cost route through the networks.

  5. What types of equipment are supported?
  6. Currently we support:

    1. Verifone POS and Vx570 terminals
    2. Gilbarco Gsites
    3. Excentus POS
    4. Gasboy
    5. Android

    If your equipment provider isn't in the list but are interested, contact us and let us know what equipment you use and we can check feasibility.

  7. Is there a manual for the software?
  8. We have a manual for the Version 1.0 but haven't converted it yet for Version 2.0. It will be ready soon.

  9. Does DPS have an issuer ISO?
  10. Yes, it is 782420.

  11. What is a DPSID?
  12. That is a random string of numbers, used to identify a card or site. On a plastic card, the magstripe would be the ISO followed by the DPSID. When entering card numbers in the Smartphone App, enter the DPSID when the card is from another issuer (called a "foreign" card), otherwise you may enter the shorter card number, if there is only one card by that number. For instance, if a card is card number 1 and has a DPSID of 23404889440383, you may enter just "1" as the card number at your sites, but at another companies locations, they would need to enter the complete number "23404889440383". A card can change the DPSID and not have to need a different card number.

  13. How do I connect a smartphone?
  14. Create a company, account and card first, then go to 'my account' and select 'devices', and then 'Add' and 'Save'. Go to the company and select the card and/or site you want to connect the phone to and select 'devices' and enter the DPSID that was created for the device (use cut-and paste for the number you created earlier), also be sure to select the Device Prompting that you want to use and 'Save' the card or site.

    Now download the software by browsing to the devices page using the smart phone, under 'my account' and select 'Software Download'. Select the version to download and it should install automatically. Select the 'Dap' application and enter your login name, password and device name you created earlier and sign on. The status should show 'signed on'. New notifications will arrive for card authorizations, or you can run the "store" application and create transactions.

  15. What if I lose the smartphone?
  16. Sign on to the DPS web site and mark that device as 'Invalid' and then 'Save'. If you want to reuse that Device Name and ID, you can also 'Unregister' the device which deletes the account associated with the old device and you create a new account when you first sign on using the new device.

  17. Post Tran doesn't work
  18. This can happen if the connection is lost just before pressing the Post Tran button on the smartphone. The reconnection hasn't taken place and no message is displayed. You can confirm this by pressing the "return" key to the main Dap screen to check the 'Connecion Status', which would be in the 'off' position if the connection has been lost. We're adding more error message displays and error correcting to the code to handle unreliable data connections. Use Wifi when available. Just press the 'on' button to try and reconnect. Auto reconnection attempts are every 60 seconds.

  19. The screen format changes or everything goes into popup windows, or no responses to clicks
  20. This can happen when an error occurs on the server, or your session has timed out. You should first try the "my account" link and sign on again if needed and then return to the page where the error occurred. If the problem persists, use the "support" link under "my account" to make a new support ticket to have it fixed.

  21. The Android App won't install
  22. To install make sure that you enable installation from "unknown sources". See this page for details. If you have a previous version installed, delete it first before installing a new version. Go to Settings, Apps, Dap, and then uninstall.