This module is for commercial card processing of proprietary cards. You can view the previous manual in the "downloads" section by creating a free account.

The new screens offer the same functionality as our previous version, including:
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Overall Purchase Limits
  • Time-of-Day, Day-of-Week Restrictions
  • Product and Site Restrictions
  • Two-factor authorizations via smartphone
  • Invoice Generation
To use the software, you'll need a free account on this server. After you create your account:
  1. Sign on, go to "my account" and enable the "dps" bundle (in the bundles tab)
  2. Click on the "companies" tab and create a company
  3. Go to "my account" and click on your company
  4. Click on the "accounts" tab and add an account
  5. Click on the "cards" tab and add a card using that account
  6. Click on the "sites" tab and add a site